Live in a better way

 Thum_Live MNB organized a jogging day on Alexandria’s cornice as an event that carried the message “Live in a better way”. Read More.

Africa Health 2015

 IMG-20160601-WA0005 MNB Company participated in the biggest exhibition in the health care industry in Africa took place in South Africa 2015 to give an amazing opportunity to the leaders of this industry to meet and cooperate. Read More.

MNB’s Family in Ramadan

 IMG_6812 MNB Company organized a gathering breakfast meal “Eftar” in the Ramadan to strengthen the relationships and the bonds between the members of MNB’s family and to assure them that we are not just colleagues who are working in an entity or firm, but actually we are much more than that.  Read More.

Medic East Africa – Kenya

 12038455_439925706190802_2168270423257804471_n MNB Company has participated in one of the biggest and most reputable exhibitions in the Medical Health care industry took place in Kenya 2015 (Medic East Africa). Read More.

Medic West Africa – Nigeria

 IMG-20151015-WA0007 Medic West Africa is considered to be one of the most powerful and well known medical exhibitions in Africa which took place in Nigeria 2015 and attracted some of the big names in the industry of Medical Health Care from all over the world and fortunately MNB Company was one of those splendid and strong names who did participate in the event. Read More.

17th Arab Businessmen and Investors Conference

 IMG-20151119-WA0011 MNB Company participated in one of the most important and worthy Business Conferences in the Arab Region which took place in Abu Dhabi 2015 and hosted many of the most powerful and succeeded firms in the Arab World. Read More.

Africa 2016 | Business for Africa, Egypt and the World

 IMG_20160220_110540 MNB fast growing company participated in Africa Forum and conference took place in Egypt under the high patronage of H.E. Abdel Fatah el Sisi, the prime minister and some of the African countries presidents and ministers. Read More.

Arab Health 2016

 ٢٠١٦٠١٢٧_٠٩٣١٣٩ Arab health exhibition is the biggest and most important health care exhibition in the Middle East overall because it gathers more than 4000 companies in the industry altogether and provides a very professional platform to host all of them professionally. Read More.