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MNB Company is a fast growing toll manufacturing company, specializing in the field of prescription pharmaceuticals, food supplements, topical, skin care and O.T.C. products.

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MNB Company seeks to improve the health, appearance and confidence of patients by the continued supply of trusted medicines for the benefit of doctors and patients alike.

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MNB Company products are manufactured to the highest standards Since its inception in 2007

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 MNB’s staff has been thoroughly selected with a unique collection of skills and resources to build a team that is head to head with the multinational companies in order to achieve excellence and high impact in their everyday activities.

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MNB focuses on marketing various pharmaceutical products within a wide range of therapeutic areas that targets wide range of specialties.

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Knowing that you sacrificed something such as time, finances or property in order to help others in need can give you a sense


Our Markets are Spread around the world in Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Qatar and United Kingdom (UK).


M.N.B. Curious and passion: MNB is curious towards, Patients, need, Market shortage and Unreached countries.


We strive to improve the health, appearance and confidence of our patients, maximizing value for healthcare providers and sha


MNB aims to become a leading company in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).


“Improve the health, appearance and confidence of our patients”


Recent News


Live in a better way

MNB organized a jogging day on Alexandria’s cornice as an event that carried the message “Live in a better way”.

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“Because we believe in you”

MNB considers its staff as assets to invest in. Employees’ performance is enhanced and developed through training courses that the company provides whenever there’s a need for that.

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