Curious and passion:

  • MNB is curious towards
  • Patients’ need.
  • Market shortage.
  • Unreached countries.

MNB high passion to serve

  • Patients.
  • Doctors.

Ethical Standards
In MNB though we compete hard, we maintain high ethical standards both internally and externally

Internally- We demand Staff integrity in dealing with each other’s and externally with competitors, customers and partners.

In MNB Trust is strengthened through personal initiative and by obtaining high results rapidly.

Team work
In MNB we believe in people

  • Staff, Creative environment, Career wise and Respect are important assets of our mind set.
  • Every job at MNB Company is important and every MNB Company staff member is important.

Once a decision is made all the MNB staff members will be accountable for the results and rapid implementation of the decision


  • In MNB we are not working in separate islands, our power and strength come from the orchestrated set of tasks and decisions that are made for the mutual benefit with our shareholders, suppliers, customers and consumers.
  • The circle starts with selecting products that match market need,and then regulatory affairs starts their tasks and at the same time planning department secure the sources of raw materials at the highest standards with effort of marketing and design department to set product objectives and plans and preparing for training both technically and medically and then start our launch in the market to reach our customers.

“All of this work is done in harmony for only one reason (To be the trusted company our customers always rely on)”