“Because we believe in you”

MNB considers its staff as assets to invest in.
Employees’ performance is enhanced and developed through training courses that the company provides whenever there’s a need for that.


  • MNB Company recognizes that MNB staff is one of its biggest assets and seeks to communicate and, where appropriate, consult with them on matters affecting them as employees, in the most appropriate manner.
  • MNB is committed to verify equal chance and opportunities in all its recruitment practices, policies and procedures.
  • MNB staff is highly valued and their rights and dignity are respected.
  • MNB prohibits any harassment or discrimination irrespective of the race, creed, color, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, gender or marital status.
  • The equal opportunities policy verify equal chance and opportunity for permanent and temporary staff , all job applicants, agency staff, associates, consultants and contractors.
  • MNB also endeavors to be honest and fair in its relationships with customers and suppliers and to be a good corporate citizen, respecting the laws of the countries in which it operates.
  • MNB Company provides training and development appropriate to individual needs and offers a working environment which is designed to be both fair and competitive with larger companies within the industry.


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